What is important to consider during betting on efootball?

What is important to consider during betting on efootball?

Why do many people like to bet on efootball? Efootball is similar to classic football. That’s why bettors who love sports also bet on esports. The advantage of the electronic version of football is that the matches are short, and your favourite football club can play daily.

Press release.-The betting industry is gaining worldwide popularity, which also influences the growth of the audience of efootball on par with live football. The betting process in both traditional sports and esports disciplines looks quite similar. The beginner does the same thing as experienced bettors do in live football, indicating the winners, totals, orders and spreads.

You can place bets in different markets: you can indicate the number of goals in a match or, for example, the winner of a particular game. If you are planning to bet on efootball, you need to conduct research of the cybersport players you support, thus you are betting not only the disciplines or matches but the gamers themselves. 

There are various leagues you can bet on all year as well as big competitions, which are qualifiers and tournaments that can lead to prize money for certain players. You can just choose your favourite tournament organiser, thus you will be able to place bets 24/7.

EsportsBattle tournament organizer has increased the market with its efootball offer. For example, the number of views of ESportsBattle tournaments in 2020 increased markedly: in June 2020 there were 4 million views and in December 2020 — 22M. The number of markets has also grown significantly. 

Here are some of the efootball markets you can bet on: 

  • Total: here you are placing a bet on the number of goals both teams will combine to score in a game. 
  • Handicap means a number that is added to the result of a team at a certain interval.
  • Individual Total: bettor bets on a specified team or player to score a certain total number of goals. 
  • Who will score the 1st goal/next goal: you place a bet on the first/next goalscorer.
  • Both To Score: you place bets on both teams to score.
  • 1st half result: you bet on the outcome of the 1st 45 minutes
  • Double outcome 1st half: this type of bet means the opportunity to bet on two possible outcomes of the 1st half. 
  • Total 1 half: you place a total bet on the first half of the match. 
  • Handicap – 1st half: it means the final score at the end of the 1st half.

Often, users of bookmaker services are looking for the best odds. A selection of such platforms with wide-ranging efootball offers can be seen below: bet365, Parimatch, Betvictor, Fortuna CZ, TipSport, Fonbet, Marathonbet. 

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