Michigan allows casinos to make political donations

Michigan allows casinos to make political donations

A bill will soon arrive in the Governor’s desk and allow Michigan casinos to make political donations.

US.- Ever since 1996, casino interests were unable to make political donations in the state. However, a new bill will arrive in the Governor’s desk, clearing Michigan casinos to participate again.

This week, a two-thirds vote in each chamber managed to approve lifting the ban. It got major support as it passed the Senate with a 34-4 vote and the House by 89-16. However, Senators amended the bill, which is why it will go back to get Representatives’ approval once again. It will then reach Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s desk, who is expected to sign it into Law.

Sports betting legalisation

Michigan could soon become the latest state in the US to legalise sports betting and online gambling. The authorities are in talks to close in on an agreement to legalise the gambling modalities. Final votes could happen this week.

The only concerns around the gambling bills that were filed earlier this month in the state revolve around the increased competition. Moreover, the revenues from iLottery, which sent nearly a billion dollars to the state in the last fiscal year.

The Whitmer administration worries that the legalisation of online gambling would make people stop playing the Lottery online to do it on casinos’ sites. However, both the Legislature and the Governor have worked so the money that the state receives (and the school fund) isn’t compromised, AP reported.

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