“TransAct is looking forward to launching new products”

“TransAct is looking forward to launching new products”

Exclusive interview.- Tracey Chernay, senior vice president Global Casino and Gaming at TransAct Technologies checked in with Focus Gaming News to discuss the company’s approach and new products

TransAct had big plans for 2020 when the Covid-19 pandemic hit, but it didn’t let the that daunt its continued search to develop solutions for casinos and to grow as a business.

“We remained laser-focused on what we had to achieve,” says Tracey Chernay, senior vice president, Global Casino and Gaming.

“Despite all the challenges, some of the things we did in 2020 were really focused on the future of the company and the growth of the company, so even though revenues were impacted, we still maintained our investment level and product development and prepared to bring new products to market.”

“We’re working hard to maintain that high level of support we offer customers.”

Tracey Chernay, senior vice president, Global Casino and Gaming

The company adjusted to remote working and to maintaining contact with casinos through technology rather than in-person meetings. 

“We make sure they understand that we’re still there for them despite the fact that our message of engaging has been changed a little bit,” Chernay says.

TransAct also looked at how its products could help casinos during the current context, for example using its Epicentral system to reward casino players.

“That’s helping the casinos not only make their players feel welcome and rewarded but it’s also helping them control costs because it’s an automated system that ensures the player’s actually earned the comped drink they’re going to be given,” Chernay comments.

“Epicentral automates the process and gives a trackable way to understand what you’re providing to players.

“That’s pretty important these days because casinos are working with less staff than they’ve ever had so to be able to provide an automated service that helps those remaining staff members is quite important to casinos.”

“We’re looking forward to launching new products.”

Tracey Chernay, senior vice president, Global Casino and Gaming

As for 2021, TransAct already has new products on the restaurant solutions side of the business and there’s more to come for casinos too.

“We’re pretty excited about 2021 despite the fact that this virus has lasted a lot longer than any of us have expected. We’re used to doing business in this new way,” Chernay says.

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