Online Gaming Masterclass in London

Igor Samardziski special course will be focused on the business side of the igaming industry

UK.- The next Online Gaming Masterclass from Igor Samardziski will take place at London’s Rembrandt Hotel, from 7-10 December . The event is focused on boosting the business side of the igaming industry, aiming at all of its actors, including large companies and entrepreneurs.

The attendees will access an interactive course, designed by the Samardziski’s Online Gaming Masterclass, to enhance financial performance. The course is described as a pre-designed business plan, in which attendees will actively create their own learning experience. In order to take full advantage of this opportunity, organisers recommend that the event-goers bring along the current numbers of their own business. Thus, attendees will get relevant information connected to their specific interests, improving this way their performance.

Totally Gaming Academy, the organiser of the event, will guarantee to those who graduate from the course a one year business plan. The igaming professionals that attend the Masterclass will also gain knowledge related to innovative marketing strategies, tools to analyse customer profiles, and a general vision needed to make igaming successful. The guidance and advice will be delivered by Samardziski, who is a 2013 recipient of iGaming Representative of the Year.

The next Masterclass provided by Igor Samardziski is set to take place March 2016 in Netherlands and it would be hosted subsequently in Miami, Costa Rica and Malta.