Okada Manila implements TCSJOHNHUXLEY products

Okada Manila implements  TCSJOHNHUXLEY products

Okada Manila Casino Resort is located on the Entertainment City gaming strip in Metro Manila, Philippines.

News from our partners.- The 110 acre Okada Manila complex comprises of the casino which covers over 26,000 square metres of gaming space incorporating more than 3,000 electronic gaming machines and 500 table games.

It also includes 933 hotel rooms, a luxury spa, shopping area and ‘The Fountain’, dubbed as the largest multicolour dancing fountain in the world.

Originally opened at the end of 2016, the casino recently upgraded the gaming floor with TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s latest Blaze LED Technology products.

As the industry’s only table technology to project custom video animations through the layout, Blaze has proven an exciting addition to any gaming floor.

Using energy-efficient LED lights that are fitted below the surface of the gaming table, Blaze uses patented technology to deliver flexibility, reliability and graphic capabilities like never before.

Saturn Glo Roulette wheels incorporate LED technology adding eye-catching visuals and prompts that heighten the game experience.

The latest high definition Blaze Sicbo tables feature a countdown clock with large format numbers to clearly illustrate the end of the betting period. This along with improved visibility of winning sections allows pit bosses and security staff to easily monitor game procedures from a distance.

In addition, Automatic Dice recognition (ADR) has been installed on the Blaze Sicbo tables, prioritising game integrity. The ADR unit processes an image of the dice from a camera inside the cover, and returns the result to the Blaze Sic Bo table for display on the gaming surface. This adds further security features to the game and also prevents dealer / player collusion.

Completing the order, the casino installed eye-catching Ora Grande displays that feature sleek curved lines with integrated LED’s and a large scale 32” screen, providing excellent visibility from multiple angles across the casino floor.

Complementing existing Blaze Roulette tables, newly installed SaturnTM Glo Roulette wheels incorporate LED technology adding eye-catching visuals and prompts that heighten the game experience.

Reading the current game status, the Saturn™ Glo’s discreet sensors work in conjunction with the LED technology to colour indicate ‘Place Your Bets’, ‘Finish Betting’ or ‘No More Bets’.

Tim Gilbert, VP of Table Games at Okada resort said: “I am very pleased with our partnership with TCSJOHNHUXLEY. It has always been our commitment to provide extraordinary gaming experiences to our guests and our partner’s product portfolio enables us to do just that.”

Last year, TCSJOHNHUXLEY also launched the innovative Diamond Rotor to the SaturnTM Auto Wheel.

The company also received AGCO approval in Canada to enter local gaming floors.