NYX Gaming Group expands in Italy

NYX Gaming Group expands in Italy

NYX Gaming shook the gambling market in Italy by launching another integration of the NYX OGS with one of the prominent suppliers in the country OIA Services Limited. The Gaming platform partnership and integration follows the recent agreements with Goldibet and Unibet. NYX has further expanded its reach with the Open Gaming System (NYX OGS) one of its award-winning technologies. 

The integration will boost OIA brands, especially the Betaland, SlotJava Italia and Enjoybet in Italy. The aggregate technology brought forth by NYX Gaming will integrate the two brands into its gaming platform. Italian players will now have access to supertitles by NYX Gaming such as Glorious Empire™, Gorilla Go Wild™, and DoublePlay SuperBet™. 

The expansions 

NYX Gaming studio by the name of Game360 made the expansion a success. The studio has a portfolio of highly detailed betting innovations and the newest casino technologies. Game360 in the expanded agreement will use local talents to design, create and launch new game titles right here in the capital city, Rome. Andrea Gurzon congratulates the two companies on the integration, stating that “Betaland now has more comprehensive offers to customers and is bound to attract a lot more to the website. He further says that the country is happy to expand NYX Gaming presence in Italy via the Betaland and Enjoybet integration. 

The general manager for Betaland, Michele Sprovieri, says that integrating into the Open Gaming System will add variety and improve the general content of available products. The manager is content with the award-winning gaming system. The provider has a reputation for generating and launching quality entertainment games.  She says that “NYX in-house gaming studios produce game titles with rich graphics, sound, and gameplay, and these become a hit in terms of popularity with players worldwide. 

The decision to integrate the game system with another Italian operator wasn’t a spur-of-the-moment decision for NYX Gaming. Matt Davey, the CEO for NYX Gaming, indicates that the company had a positive outcome in terms of revenue after the initial interim results (H1) back in 2017. The company earned revenue of $100 million in the second quarter, doubling the revenue generated. A further improvement in the adjusted EBITDA further cemented the decision for the integration. “The company development is consistent and continues to bring in new players. The reason behind this is that our Sportsbooks and games and content match player’s needs which is the driving force for our business and our operational leverage,” he says. 

However, the constant jostle for the European gambling market, which is yet to fully realize its potential, is another reason for the integration. Some of the online technology platforms, including Bloomberg, reported $113 million back in 2016 from Italian players. The amount is relatively high, and thus the need to expand and snatch the market. After the expansion agreement with GoldBet and Unibet, NYX hadn’t achieved its goal. With the Betaland integration with NYX’s OGS “Open Game Systems,” the sportsbook has gained the title “Largest Sportsbook Operator” in the country. Also, the operator has the best leading game titles with the recent launch of Glorious Empire™, a game that has gained popularity within a short period.

 “NYX Gaming in Italy has a special place, and its growth has become exponential in Italy. Launching Betaland will further add to the strengthening market, and the country is hopeful that the gaming platforms’ presence will spread to other regions in the coming months. With the game creation, design, and launch happening in the country, this goal is much easier to achieve and realize for our Italian players,” says Andrea Gurzon. 


NYX Gaming is boosting its reach by integrating with OIA Services Limited brands (Betaland and Enjoybet). Italian players should expect more game titles, better features such as quality game graphics, excellent gameplay, and fun moments online with a new gaming operator NYX.  The company has now become one of the most influential operators in the country!