“Fast games are gaining more popularity among players worldwide”

“Fast games are gaining more popularity among players worldwide”

Hayk Sargsyan, head of the gaming department at Digitain, talks over the growth of fast games with Focus Gaming News.

Exclusive interview.- Digitain’s in-house games studio has a mission. The company has been building a suite of in-house developed games like there’s no tomorrow, with Hayk Sargsyan, head of the gaming department, at the helm.

“Our aim is to deliver a stream of fresh, entertaining and engaging content to our partners and customers,” Sargsyan tells Focus. 

Digitain’s fast games

One area where Digitain’s studio is taking strides is fast games, which Sargsyan sees as a major growth area due to customer’s desire for a quick escape.

“Based on our research fast games are gaining more popularity among players worldwide as people with the intention to enjoy their free time tend to enjoy games that don’t really need much skill,” he says.

Sargsyan sees a need to keep things as simple as possible for new players but has also decided to develop games such as blackjack and roulette in the near future. 

“I think our customers will be looking for flexibility in games; games that adjust to their time and needs.”

Hayk Sargsyan, head of the gaming department at Digitain.

“We think this will help us to cover the needs of both types of players,” he says. “Those that love to relax without giving it much thought and those that don’t rely on lady luck only.

“During this Covid-19 era people are more stressed and nervous,” he adds. “As a game provider, we can’t add to people’s nerves by offering a complicated game where they need to make their own research.

“That is why our fast games portfolio has been developed to allow our partners to increase their overall offering and improve both player acquisition and retention and, of course, generate profitable growth.”

Keno Express 

Digitain has updated and redesigned its most popular games: Crash, Rocket On and Hi Lo, and received positive feedback in the numbers. Rocket On has done particularly well thanks to its revamped, realistic animation, which works smoothly even with poor internet speed.

“The feedback received from players was really great, and the numbers also prove that,” Sargsyan says. “We have increased the traffic on those games after the redesign by 300-400 per cent in only one month.”

The studio’s latest game was Keno Express, which marks the launch of a new design system that all future games will follow.

“We want our brand to become as recognisable as it can so all our future games are going to be developed on this new design system,” Sargsyan says.

The future of Digitain’s games

The team continues to grow as Digitain aims to “create better games faster.” It’s rolling out new developments in different directions, with a new admin tool for partners and a new lobby for its games, as well as a new jackpot system. 

Sargsyan says: “We grow rapidly and sometimes even our growth is ahead of us, this is just a fantastic experience for us as a team and Digitain as a company because our main goal now is to become a well-known fast games provider in the world and I’m sure we’ll achieve that goal in the near future.”

He adds: “We’re very much focused on the needs of our customers and we make a lot of research and product discovery all the time.”

One particular highlight to look forward to? Sargsyan promises that Digitain’s imminent blackjack release will be one of the best on the market.

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