French regulator lays out five-pillar strategy

French regulator lays out five-pillar strategy

The regulator says it will put players at the centre of its regulation of French gaming.

France.-  L’Autorité nationale des jeux (ANJ) has revealed details of its strategy for the regulation of French gaming over the next three years.

The new regulator, which has had oversight over all forms of gambling in France since July, has outlined a five-pillar strategy for 2021-2023.

It outlined the five pillars as: 

– Add value to the gambling market. Providing a prescriptive regulatory framework and effective deterrents to preserve the public image of legal gambling.

– Put players at the centre of regulations. This includes ensuring that operators implement the regulator’s new player protection measures, including deposit limits.

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– Build a progressive regulatory system. The regulator intends to be as creative in managing the sector as operators are in developing products and promotional strategies.

The ANJ said: “In order to be attuned to this world, ANJ must integrate this culture of innovation and digital technology, both with respect to the players it regulates and internally.”

– Cooperate with other European regulators. The ANJ believes an improvement in collaboration and coordination with regulators in other markets is necessary to tackle illegal gambling or money laundering. 

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Encourage collaboration internally. The ANJ has a broader brief than its predecessor L’Autorité nationale des jeux en ligne’s (ARJEL), which was focused on online gaming only. The increased workload means different units will work closely together.

The ANJ said: “The aim is to make ‘working together efficiently’ the common language of ANJ, by multiplying opportunities for exchanges and meetings, by introducing new forms of work organisation that are more empowering, but also by embodying the values of goodwill and conviviality on a daily basis.”

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