Focus Gaming News: The number one industry media company

Focus Gaming News: The number one industry media company

Our story started in 2016 and over the past five years, we have become the largest B2B gambling news website in the world.

Focus Gaming News was established in 2016 with one clear goal: to become the number one news and information source for those working in the global gambling and online gaming industry. 

Five years later, we believe we have achieved that aim but the entire team continues to work hard to ensure we remain the leading provider of news, insight and analysis for the sector. 

Today, we have three dedicated daily editions of Focus Gaming News to cover the three largest markets – International (including Europe and North America), Asia and Latin America.  

Our team of professional journalists go to great lengths to ensure they are the first to publish the most important stories from across the sector, from casino to sports via bingo, lottery and more.

In addition to our news stories, we also publish interviews with some of the biggest names in the industry, and one year ago we launched a dedicated YouTube channel which is incredibly popular.

We also publish insights and thought-leadership articles from those at the cutting-edge of the sector, allowing you to benefit from their unrivalled knowledge and experience. 

Ultimately, we are here to provide the best possible experience to you, our reader, and we wanted to explain some of the ways we do that and what makes us different to other media companies. 

Focus Gaming News and where it all started 

We launched Focus Gaming News in 2016 because we believed, and still believe, there was a need for a media company dedicated to delivering the biggest news stories from across the sector each day.

While we started small, we have grown rapidly over the past five years and today we have a staff of more than 15 journalists, editors, social media managers and IT support experts. 

Without this incredible team, we would not be able to publish the three daily editions of Focus Gaming News and the 30+ new stories, interviews and articles that go live every single day. 

What makes Focus Gaming News different

There are many media companies that serve the global gambling and online gambling sector, but Focus Gaming News is different and that is why more than 100,000 people visit our sites each month. 

We are the only industry publication with editions dedicated to the three biggest markets – Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America, and that covers all sectors and verticals. 

This includes land-based gambling and online gambling and across casino, sports betting, horse racing, bingo, lottery, esports and more. 

Our news and content are aimed at all stakeholders, including operators, suppliers, regulators, affiliates and those working in finance and legal roles.  

We understand that our readers are often incredibly busy in their day-to-day jobs and roles, which is why we send a daily newsletter directly to your inbox. 

The newsletter features our biggest stories from the day, allowing you to catch up on what is happening and read the stories, interviews and articles that interest you the most. 

We have a newsletter for each edition of Focus Gaming News, and also publish a weekly sports betting report that includes a round-up of the most important news stories from the sports betting sector.

We bring you more than just daily news

While our goal is to be the first to publish the biggest news stories from across the gambling and online gambling industry, we also provide our readers with tremendous added value. 

This takes the form of analysis and insight articles written by though-leaders from across the sector, including those in top positions at operators, suppliers and regulators. 

Last year we launched a dedicated YouTube channel where or presenters sit down with these experts and speak to them about the most important trends impacting the industry. 

We are very active across social media, not only sharing our news across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn but also interacting with our followers and readers. 

In order to drive even higher levels of engagement, we are in the final stages of planning a series of live webinars and podcasts that will keep the conversation going despite a lack of events this year. 

Focus Gaming News is only going to get bigger

Like any business, we want to grow and this year we plan to double our readership from 100,000 a day to 200,000 a month and we will do this by providing even more value to our readers. 

To drive this growth, we have built a multi-disciplinary team of journalists, writers, IT managers and SEO specialists who are working closely together to improve Focus Gaming News. 

We will continue to sponsor the largest industry events – even though those events look set to be virtual again this year – and our founder and CEO, Fernando Saffores, will continue to speak on panels and roundtables. 

The team has several big initiatives planned for Focus Gaming News this year and we can’t wait to share them with you – but for now, they remain something of a closely guarded secret. 

Until then, we would just like to thank you for choosing Focus Gaming News as your trusted source of industry news, interviews and analysis as, without you and without our advertisers, we would not be what we are today.

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