Esports: The vaccine for post-pandemic betting markets

Esports: The vaccine for post-pandemic betting markets

Betinvest shares its thoughts on how esports will help operators drive growth post pandemic.

Opinion.- A decline in traditional sports betting markets, caused by the situation surrounding COVID-19, has forced operators to find alternative ways generating revenue and to come up with innovative solutions.

With plenty of upcoming events, eSports are now being treated as a vaccine for the lack of wagering markets on traditional sports. At Betinvest, eGames services now add 42% on top of the turnover from its traditional offering.

At first glance, the most popular cybersports disciplines may be difficult for the uninitiated to understand, but for those new to eSports, more attractive betting opportunities can be found in less popular titles.

While virtual sports betting comes with randomly generated numbers, sport simulators involve real players who compete against each other in full-fledged contests.

The rules of the game, betting markets and formats for sports simulators are the same as in real sports, which makes them understandable for more traditional bettors. Various researches show, that around 36% of eSports punters wager on sports simulators.

After thorough analysis of all the latest trends, Betinvest has partnered with two professional cybersports leagues, whose players compete in the most popular eFootball, eBasketball and eHockey sports simulators.

Besides providing over 30,000 live esports events across 22 esports, the company now holds exclusive broadcasting and trading distribution rights for approximately 15,000 live events monthly. Its esports services go far beyond the conventional, providing RTMP-streams, pre-match and live odds, a reliable Data Feed and much more.

Within a fast-changing industry, the best way to predict the future is to create it.