helps operators increase sign up conversion helps operators increase sign up conversion is the “in-thing” for gaming platforms and any other company looking for quality, flawless and increased customer sign-ins within a short period. Their technology is new, most innovative signing-in software ever designed and will bring the century into a new era. software converts individuals into players regardless of their location or device (computer, mobile, or iPad) in use. The software capitalizes on quality sign-up processes through many complex UX systems, better data sourcing strategy, and an excellent customer identification process. 

How does it works?

According to Aspire Global, an iGaming platform online Vice President in the Product department states that “ streamlines check-in processes, integrates platform activities to match players’ needs while ensuring compliance to all legal requirements.” The management company, in a press release, stated that the SaaS technology provides “the best” out of the brand requiring sign-in optimization services. “ employs an approach based on available data solving player conversion rates by increasing the chances of its occurrence, emphasizing on user identification while remaining within the set boundaries of the law. 

  • Software integration 

Online platforms, including iGaming companies, can launch their sites using  According to their official website, the brands require integrating their online platforms with to help find an innovative, unique, and intelligent means of interacting with the platform’s end users as a sign-up solution. The website does not change your content or offers to end-users. Sites such as retain their brand, style, and platform. However, you gain a better sign-up process, forms, and customer experience efficiently, leading to player conversion. 

  • Compliance with regulations

The online market is diverse, and each industry plays by a specific rule or rules. However, the iGaming industry in this instant is challenging to configure, understand and comply with all the mini-details.  The reason behind this, according to, is the diversity and the dynamism of the industry. The governing regulations for each country differ, such as restrictions of betting hours online and gaming conditions over the varying platforms. Furthermore, the various markets include betting live gaming/ casino, sports betting, esports competitions, and many more. Gathering data and information and complying with the rules over the various markets is difficult. provides a solution that will keep you updated and compliant with all changing regulations while adapting your platform to match what is essential in the market. 

  • More players 

Players are an integral part of the iGaming industry. Adding new players to a website keeps an online platform active and relevant in the gaming industry. However, attracting players using simple online registration forms has become devastating for some brands. provides a designed check-in form matching your brand, exploits potential client localization status, works across various devices, including smartphones, and works with the set regulations. The process increases conversions. 


The deputy CEO Andreas Thim of the group indicates that customer flow is continuous and consistent in the past few months. The software has been out in the market. The software aids over 60 brands with their customer’s sign-up experiences, according to Aspire Global. Andreas indicates that the software aims to add more platforms into the software integration process as a distribution strategy and increase sales. 

The strategy is one of the long-term plans that wants to achieve. Aspire Global’s success in grabbing and maintaining a high position in the iGaming industry platforms gives a clear picture of what intends to accomplish soon. The clear path towards technological excellence and continuous innovation through localization, UX, and knowledge of every major market regulation differentiates or adds a cutting edge to the software. 


It’s a must-have software for iGaming platforms online. Based on the success of Aspire Global, software strategy for sign-up optimization is working. As SaaS has become the solution for business entities, we await to see how other brands will utilize the platform soon and the expected success rates might shock some of the entities.