Cache Creek Casino | Everything You Need to Know!

Cache Creek Casino | Everything You Need to Know!

There are a lot of reasons to visit California. Good weather, exciting cities, great food, and fantastic nature are just four of those. And while in the Golden State, there’s every chance that you might also want to check out what it has to offer in terms of gambling.

Fortunately, you can in the form of the Cache Creek Casino.

This venue is located in peaceful settings and offers an attractive place to stay for a night or two. On this page, you’ll find out everything you need to know about the resort – including California gambling laws, games available, how to get there, and more.

What Are the Gambling Laws in California?

Before booking a room at the Cache Creek Hotel and playing in its casino, it’s essential to make sure you first understand California’s gambling laws.

Gambling in California is heavily restricted compared to other states, especially if you look at bordering Nevada. Commercial casinos are not allowed, though tribal venues are permitted – hence the existence of Cache Creek.

Tribal casinos are allowed to offer table games alongside slots and lotteries. To play casino games in California, the gambling age varies. Some venues accept players aged 18+, whereas this rises to 21 for others. Cache Creek Casino only permits players aged 21+.

Where Is the Cache Creek Resort?

Cache Creek Casino is located in Northern California. Officially in Brooks, the resort is within touching distance of the Cache Creek National Park.

What Games Are Available at the Cache Creek Casino?

Like many casinos in the US, the Cache Creek Casino has a wide variety of slot games to choose from. Players can pick from more than 1,500 titles with a range of bonus features. Players will also find a mixture of original and branded games, meaning that you’re never far away from something that’ll interest you.

Away from its broad selection of slots, you’ll also find a significant number of table games to choose from if that’s more your style. The casino’s poker room offers various exciting competitions, including the potential to win a $15,000 jackpot.

Other tournaments and bonuses that take place in the Cache Creek Casino poker room include:

  • A unique tournament every Monday called Monday Match-Up;
  • Daily quads promotions;
  • High hands on several occasions throughout the week.

On the main casino floor, you’ll have the opportunity to try out three different baccarat games: the original version, mini-baccarat, and Golden Frog. You can also play five types of blackjack, along with three Pai Gow games.

Cache Creek Casino also has its own Cache Creek-themed games:

  • Cache Creek Roulette;
  • Cache Creek Craps.

Besides all of the above, you’ll find a whole range of novelty games to participate in – including Ultimate Hold’Em and Mississippi Stud.

What Other Amenities Are Available at the Cache Creek Resort?

While its casino will undoubtedly draw avid players who happen to find themselves in the region, the Cache Creek Resort has plenty more going for it.

Some of the resort’s most attractive amenities are listed below.

Cache Creek Restaurants

The number of Cache Creek restaurants is pretty staggering. You’ll find food from a whole range of cuisines, including Mexican food and Asian dishes. On top of these, you’ll also discover places to get pub food, along with sweets and coffee specialists.

If you’re looking for pastries, cakes, and coffee, Sweets Etc. is your best option. Enso Sushi is a great choice for sushi, while Canyon Cafe offers casual dining food choices and – even better – is open round-the-clock.

Spa & Pool

Of course, your vacation shouldn’t be about activities alone. At some stage, the chances are that you’ll want to relax and do nothing for a day or two.

If this is the case, the Cache Creek Casino Resort has a variety of spa treatment services. In addition to massages, you’ll also find salon services and skincare solutions too.

Besides that, the resort has two swimming pools in which you can relax while surrounded by beautiful rolling hills.

Shopping & Golf

California is a great destination for those looking to do some shopping, and the Cache Creek Hotel delivers in this respect. While you won’t find a huge shopping mall, the mini-mart will do the job if you’re looking for something basic – such as snacks or t-shirts.

The Golden State is also home to some of the world’s greatest golf courses. If you fancy showing off your skills, the Cache Creek Resort gives you the opportunity to swing your club at the Yocha Dale Golf Club

Entertainment & Excursions

Throughout the year, guests will find a whole range of entertainment opportunities at Cache Creek Casino Resort. Live music is available in abundance, which covers a whole range of genres. Both free and paid-for events are available.

Of course, the resort is only part of the reason to visit this part of California. From the Cache Creek Casino Resort, you can find a whole range of excursions – including whitewater rafting and wine-tasting tours.

How Do You Get to the Cache Creek Casino?

If you’re arriving internationally, you’ll likely fly into San Francisco International Airport. Should this be the case, the Cache Creek Casino Resort is just over an hour and a half away by car. From the city centre, you’re looking at a drive lasting over two hours.

Another possibility is that you arrive at Sacramento International Airport instead. Should this be the case, your journey is much quicker; you’ll get to the Cache Creek Casino Resort within 45 minutes.

From the casino, you can reserve a bus for door-to-door transportation.

Replenish and Relax at the Cache Creek Casino Resort

Gambling might not be the primary reason you come to California, but it can still form a fun part of your trip. And while you won’t find any legal commercial casinos, for now, the state has a few tribal venues that will be more than happy to welcome you through their doors.

When checking out the Cache Creek National Park or trying out wine in the nearby valleys, the Cache Creek Casino Resort is a great place to have as your base for a few days.