Hong Kong: 824 arrested over illegal gambling on Euro 2020

Hong Kong: 824 arrested over illegal gambling on Euro 2020

Police in Hong Kong have arrested 824 people in a series of raids.

Hong Kong.- Authorities in Hong Kong have reported that 824 people were arrested for illegal gambling during a series of police raids.

According to officers, those arrested were involved in illegal gambling operations related to the UEFA Euro 2020 tournament. Police carried out 137 raids, arresting 475 men and 349 women.

Officers seized US$463m. According to the South China Morning Post, it’s the largest amount of money seized from illegal gambling operations in almost 10 years. Police also seized several vehicles and computers

Those arrested, aged 14 to 87 years, have been charged with different activities, from carrying out bookmaking operations to running illegal gambling dens or laundering money.

In June, police officers arrested 18 people accused of carrying out illegal bookmaking on horseracing and football matches between January and April of this year.

The illegal bookmaking syndicate took in more than HK$3.4bn (US$438m) in illegal bets. 

Officers seized four luxury vehicles, handwritten records and more than HK$8.5m in cash. 70 bank accounts containing about HK$19.5m were also frozen. Those arrested are 16 men and two women. They are all accused of money laundering, bookmaking or betting with a bookmaker. 

In a separate raid, police arrested five people who were placing illegal bets. Officers seized HK$175,000 in cash along with phone records detailing HK$2.3m worth of illegal bets.

A similar raid was carried out in Sai Ying Pun. Officers found people playing around a baccarat table and playing online card games via two large televisions. There, 16 men and 6 women aged 31 to 74 were arrested. Police seized HK$215,000 (US$27,697) in cash, HK$410,000 in chips and five account books.

Police also found 21 people suspected of playing baccarat at a flat located in Kwun Tong. Officers seized HK$70,000 in cash and gambling paraphernalia.

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