Antigua could solve the WTO gambling dispute with US next month

For the past 13 years both governments have held an international row regarding an american protectionist online gambling policy.

Antigua.- The longstanding World Trade Organization dispute about online gambling that  Antigua’s and US’ governments have sustained for over a decade could be solved next  January.

According to Antigua Foreign Affairs Minister, Charles Fernandez, its government had reviewed US’ latest offer to resolve the conflict and, as informed by local media, the administration could accept the american proposal.

Almost 13 years ago, Antigua filed its original WTO complaint over the U.S protectionist online gambling policy. At the time, US explained that in order to reduce problematic gambling behavior among its citizen it had a responsibility to block international sites. That claim was considered hypocritical by the WTO, because the country did permit domestic operators to offer online horseracing wagers.

Therefore the international organization authorised Antigua to collect an estimated US$21m from the US, but the various american administrations haven’t fulfill any payment and the dispute have continued. Its believed that negotiations could come to an agreement by January 2016.